FRAC – Werewolf PVP DPS Orc DK 0 (0)

This is a werewolf build comes from Krotha, Megadeath, Erzie. It is used for Werewolf Wednesday’s with WarBand. Please come join use on Wednesday and have some PVP fun with WarBand.

Sanguine Leech (Argonian Sapblade Solo PvP) 5 (2)

Sanguine Leech (Argonian Sapblade Solo PvP) LINKS Build Video: Website: YouTube Channel: Twitch Channel: BASE BUILD INFO Play Difficulty: Intermediate Builder: KopisGaming Relevant Patch: SCALEBREAKER Play Style PVP Solo Role Magicka DPS Primary Race Argonian Alternative Race 1 High Elf Alternative Race 2 Class: Night Blade Primary Mundus: The Atronach Secondary/Alt Mundus: STATS Magicka: 64…

FRAC – Mag DK Dark Elf DPS 0 (0)

This is a great DPS set up and some off set support for the group. I have always wanted to use Trinimac’s Valor with a DK and now they fixed the set so combined with Spinners and good old Valkyn Skoria makes for some fun game play.