Sanguine Leech (Argonian Sapblade Solo PvP) 5 (2)

Sanguine Leech (Argonian Sapblade Solo PvP) LINKS Build Video: Website: YouTube Channel: Twitch Channel: BASE BUILD INFO Play Difficulty: Intermediate Builder: KopisGaming Relevant Patch: SCALEBREAKER Play Style PVP Solo Role Magicka DPS Primary Race Argonian Alternative Race 1 High Elf Alternative Race 2 Class: Night Blade Primary Mundus: The Atronach Secondary/Alt Mundus: STATS Magicka: 64…

FRAC – Mag DK Dark Elf DPS 0 (0)

This is a great DPS set up and some off set support for the group. I have always wanted to use Trinimac’s Valor with a DK and now they fixed the set so combined with Spinners and good old Valkyn Skoria makes for some fun game play.