Fate’s Legacy was born back in 2005 by a band of strangers who came together to help others, have fun and enjoy a video game called “Shadowbane.” Though RL has had us all move in different directions, doing many different things, the spirit of our friendship remains a bond that time has not faded.

This website is remains in as a way to help people come together as a community in the spirit of friendship, to help build bonds in the digital realm.

To Denigo Tantric you remain in my thoughts and prayers old friend…

In the spirit of helping others, this site is dedicated to helping people find their fate to leave their legacy in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Builds have been compiled from across the Tamriel. We hope you find what you need and if you want to submit a build to share click here.

To contact Sord please fill out the following form and thank you for being a part of Fate’s Legacy.

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