FRAC – Healer Argonian Warden PVP

Name of Build: FRAC – Healer Argonian Warden PVP Difficulty to Obtain Gear: 7

Creator: Sord Play Difficulty:

Foundation: Magicka Healer Race:Argonian Class:Warden

Armor/Jewelry/Weapon Sets: 

Set 1: HA Helm MA Shoulder Earthgore Set 2:HA Pariah Neck Pariah Set 3:Belt/Rings/Weapons LA Robes of Transmutation

Weapon Set 1: Restoration Staff Weapon Set 2: 1 Handed/Shield

Additional Content:

Vampire Argonian Warden with Earthgore (HA helm, MA Shoulder). Pariah HA chest, hands, legs, feet and one jewelry piece. Robes of Transmutation LA Belt, 2 jewelry, restoration staff and 1h/shield). With Pariah, Vampire, and the Robes of transmutation you become a hard to kill healing machine. The lower your health the tougher you become to kill. A templar could also use this set up.

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