FRAC – Mag DK Dark Elf DPS

Name of Build: FRAC – Mag DK Dark Elf DPS Difficulty to Obtain Gear: 6

Creator: Sord Play Difficulty: Intermediate

Foundation: Magicka DPS Race:Dark Elf Class:Dragon Knight

Armor/Jewelry/Weapon Sets: 

Set 1: Spinners Set 2:Trinimac’s Valor Set 3:Valkyn Skoria

Weapon Set 1: Destruction Staff Weapon Set 2: Destruction Staff

Additional Content:

I built this toon around Trinimac’s Valor as this is a set that is meant for a DK, only it never really worked that great in the past, but they fixed it so whenever a damage shield is cast a fragment drops and heals allies and deals damage to enemies in a 5 meter radius. So whenever I cast my Ferocious Leap, so 1 sec after landing it goes off, most people are still laying on the ground, Hardened Armor gives a damage shield, fragmented shields so you can increase the heal as well with major mending, if you have the psijic line passive whenever you block it gives a damage shield and trinimacs will pop then as well. So lots of ways to  make trinimac’s valor go off now. I have one bar dedicated to AOE damage with a lightning staff and the other bar fire staff for single target. It is a fun set up to play. Hope you like it.

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