FRAC – Magicka DK, Dark Elf

Name of Build: FRAC – Magicka DK, Dark Elf Difficulty to Obtain Gear: 5

Creator: Sord Play Difficulty:

Foundation: Magicka DPS Race:Dark Elf Class:Dragon Knight

Armor/Jewelry/Weapon Sets: 

Set 1: HA/MA Valkyn Skoria Set 2:LA Crafty Alfiq’s Set 3:W/J Bright-Throats

Weapon Set 1: Destruction Staff Weapon Set 2: Restoration Staff

Additional Content:

This is a pretty solid set up for a magicka DK. Crafty and Bright pieces can be bought on vendors so it make the armor set up pretty easy obtain. Skoria can be swapped out for Blood Spawn for a little more def and ulti gen.

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