FRAC – Stam, Orc, DK, 7th Legion, Blood Spawn


Name of Build: FRAC – Stam, Orc, DK, 7th Legion, Blood Spawn Difficulty to Obtain Gear: 5

Creator: Sord Play Difficulty: Intermediate

Foundation: Stamina DPS Race:Orc Class:Dragon Knight

Armor/Jewelry/Weapon Sets:

Set 1: Blood Spawn Set 2:W/J 7th Legion Set 3:MA Fortified Brass

Weapon Set 1: Duel Wield Weapon Set 2: 2 Handed

Additional Content:

I run this setup on my Orc DK and I swap out Fortified Brass and Brairheart depending on the group I am running with or if I am running solo. I use the Fortified Brass when solo to provide good defense capabilities but if I am running with a healer or a group of 3 or more I will toss Briarhearts on to give a great boost in DPS while also getting some health back.

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