FRAC – Templar Stam DPS Orc


Name of Build: FRAC – Templar Stam DPS Orc Difficulty to Obtain Gear: 5

Creator: Sord Play Difficulty: Intermediate

Foundation: Stamina DPS Race:Orc Class:Templar

Armor/Jewelry/Weapon Sets:

Set 1: MA – Briarheart W/J Set 2:MA – Gryphon’s Ferocity Body Set 3:MA – Valkyn Skoria Head/Shldr

Weapon Set 1: 2 Handed Weapon Set 2: Duel Wield

Additional Content:

High crit and crit damage build designed for intermediate play styles.

Build Video: YouTube/Vimeo Channel:

Streaming Channel: Website Link:

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