FRAC – Werewolf PVP DPS Orc DK


Name of Build: FRAC – Werewolf PVP DPS Orc DK Difficulty to Obtain Gear: 7

Creator: Sord Play Difficulty: Intermediate

Foundation: Stamina DPS Race:Orc Class:Dragon Knight

Armor/Jewelry/Weapon Sets:

Set 1: Alessian Order-Body Set 2:Draugr Hulk-WP/Jewelery Set 3:Pirate Skeleton-H/Sh HA

Weapon Set 1: 2 Handed Weapon Set 2: Duel Wield

Additional Content:

The part of this build is Alessian Order on the body with the body, legs and feet all being reinforced for more resistances and gloves and belt with impen traits for crit resistance. The head and Shoulders should be a pirate skeleton with reinforced as the traits.

If you don’t have Draugr Hulk another set that has stamina or weapon damage is good, such as Briarheart, Salvation or Witch-Knight’s Defiance.

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